This offshoot of the Satellite was created primarily because the very talented and kind Laurie Gerholz donated the fanart below; it certainly deserves its own page. With any luck, more fanart might join it in the future. (Artistic types, take note!) I also chose to move the other small images here to help cut loading time on the front page.

Great illustration from Episode 108. Mamiya's got the expression on his face that, to me, is a big indicator that his brain is running in Safe Mode. Meanwhile, Mikage's faint smirk of unholy glee--and that great bloody sharp pin he's holding--bodes very ill for the future of that cavity-inducing little Akio plushie. Is it just me, or is that a really comfortable-looking chair he's got?
The magnificent Laurie's got a collection of works up yonder, at Pridehome Gallery. Go see!

This is what happens when I cruise the Web on the T-1 lines at work--I find websites I never imagined before, including the ones where I got these adorable little images. I found them horribly appropriate. Visit Pocket Bishˇnen and Pocket Bishˇujo and create your own collection!

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